Tuesday, November 19, 2013

BBC Language Website

Oh, BBC. First you give me "Call the Midwife," and now you give us free language lessons; is there nothing you can't do? With the bar across the top saying "This page hasn't been updated for a while," I'm guessing this isn't the Beeb's highest priority but it's still a nice reliable place to study more than 35 languages. They have audio and video tutorials, exercises, grammar, activities and tests. I'm particularly charmed by the learning opportunities offered under the heading HOLIDAY PHRASES FOR FESTIVALS IN SPAIN:

  Hello, gorgeous! 

 Two beers, please. 

 Two glasses of wine, please. 

 I am (an Ibiza, a Benicassim, a Tomatina) virgin. 

 I haven't slept in (3/4/5/6/7) days. 

 Where are there some more toilets? I'm desperate! 

 Can you please direct me to Oasis?

 Fancy a skinny dip in the sea? 

 My mate wants to know if you fancy me.

 I feel sick. I have a headache. 

 I have a hangover. 

 I need condoms/painkiller/anything for diarrhoea. 

Quite useful, but I shared a house with some British people in my twenties; they say this stuff pretty much everywhere.

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